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50 years of Lifeline in Taiwan: 2019 Annual Conference

April 8, 2019 / Taiwan

Highlight of April

        One of the most important annual activities of Taiwan lifeline, The Lifeline annual conference, was held on March 9 at the Royal Theatre of Eda complex in Kao-hsiung, with the theme “Light of Life, Pass on Love”. It symbolizes the 50 years of cultivation by Taiwan Lifeline has amassed a treasure trove of miracles. Volunteers from all 23 Taiwan Lifeline Associations gathered here to receive recognitions and awards from the HQ for their effort and dedication in saving lives, and to take the opportunity to discuss, interact, and exchange with one another, re-charging and re-experiencing the enthusiasm and vitality of Lifeline. President Su Jiaquan of the Legislative Yuan, the Secretary for Health and Welfare of the Executive Yuan Su Lichong, and the director Shen Lichong all attended in person and addressed the Conference, cheering and encouraging the Lifeline volunteer partners. Ms. Mary Parsissons, President of Lifeline International, also came from afar and fully participated in the annual Conference: experiencing the enthusiasm and vitality of Taiwan’s lifeline, witnessing these important moments of Taiwan Lifeline, and sharing valuable and practical experience from other countries. Mary also visited the Kao-hsiung city and the Greater Kao-hsiung Lifeline Association, gaining a personal understanding of the Taiwan Lifeline service and operation.

        Huang Min-Wei, chairman of the Taiwan Lifeline Association and also vice president of Taichung Veterans Hospital Chiayi Branch, mentioned: Lifeline has been consistently finding new and innovative ways to serve, and in future optimization of service continues to be our core vision. In recent years, the HQ has success in promoting the use of advance information systems to assist in our call services, having formed the starting point for the development of multi-faceted services. In facing difficulties of recruiting volunteers, we in particular need to proactively develop the concept of one stop-shop lifeline network, to form a more powerful network of resources.

        Looking forward, in the area of call services, Taiwan Lifeline will be more proactive in using multiple modes and cloud tools to elevate service and efficiency, and in the area of internationalization, will be more active in reaching out internationally and continuing to connect with other countries, sharing Lifeline Taiwan’s years of valuable experience in suicide prevention and control, becoming the Soul Navigator of the Chinese-speaking world. Lifeline family is a treasure trove of life’s miracles. We look forward to having more people join us to protect life, to keep the world warm with our “Light of Life”, to cherish every chance to “Pass on Love”, to create life’s miracles, together.

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The President of the Legislative Yuan speaks at the Conference
Mary speaks at the Conference
Mary give a short talk and shares her experience in the Professional Service Seminar
Mary with local Lifeline center volunteers
Mary visits the local Lifeline center-1
Mary visits the local Lifeline center-2
MARY toasts with the president of Taiwan Lifeline and the chairperson of the local Lifeline that hosts this Conference